frequently asked questions


About me

+ Are the photos really you?

All images are mine and current. Follow me on IG as AllyWynn.Boston or Twitter as AllyWynnFL for candid glimpses of my appearance and style.

+ Where are you originally from?

My origin is the Southeastern United States, I consider New England my home.

+ Did you go to college?

Yes, I graduated from a public university in 2006. I had a wonderful and traditional college experience.
I'd say the school of life has given me more of an education than those four years did but I appreciate having had the opportunity to go. I consider myself a fairly well-rounded person and continuing my education is in the cards.

+ What is your real ethnicity?

If you need a 23 & Me DNA explanation of my unique & exotic looks we are probably not compatible.

+ Do you have a boyfriend or a husband?


+ Are you bisexual?


+ What's your sign?

The short answer: I'm an early September Virgo
The long answer: Virgo Sun, Cancer Ascendant, Aquarius Moon

+ Do you drink?

I do but I'm not a fan of drunkeness in myself or others so everything in moderation.
If you are newly sober and would prefer I not imbibe on a dinner date or overnight I support you and will oblige, just mention this at the time of booking.

+ Are you 420 friendly?

Yes and I love to receive gifts!

+ How long have you been doing this?

I've been involved in sensual services in one form or another for 13 years. I began as an escort, I spent four years providing FBSM, and I've slowly wandered back into dating professionally.

+ Do you like you what you do

I absolutely and unapologetically love it.
This is the sexiest and most fun way to meet polite, driven, sensual, and generous and men. I've been given opportunities to meet, befriend, and be influenced by people I would never in a million years have otherwise crossed paths with.
I bring joy, intimacy, sensuality, genuine friendship, and comfort to the most responsible, hardworking, and deserving people in the world.
I take that seriously and feel blessed to have naturally gravitated towards what I feel is my calling. Everyone can't do what I do. What I and other sensual services providers like myself have is a gift.

Do you believe in angels? I'm basically a hoe angel.

+ What do you like sexually?

I like a genuine connection and an organic evolution in mutual pleasure. My body doesn't come with a blueprint so things I feel with one person perhaps I won't feel with another. You can't rub my left leg in a counterclockwise motion and wriggle my clitoris for thirty seconds and make me come so I'm not going to mislead you with some fake moaning and groaning or some silly instructions. They say the biggest erogenous zone is between our ears I'd say that is accurate for me. There are those encounters that give me the deep emotional satisfaction that sends the over the edge and there are those encounters which just leave me a sweaty puddle, drained and invigorated in a raunchy, physical way. So when you ask me "what do you like" directly" and I hesitate to answer it isn't because I don't know what I've enjoyed with others...its because I'd like for us both to uncover what it is that I like with you.

+ I'd like to give you a gift, what do you like?

If you want to gift me for going above and beyond in personal care, or you want to show appreciation for a session that really made your week visit Just The Tip for ideas on additional gratuities or household gifts.


+ Do you date White / Black / Asian / Green Men?

I've dated men of all races, ethnicities, and origin. I don't have racial hangups and I hope that you are an educated and intelligent professional who doesn't either.

+ I'm uncomfortable with screening. Can We Just Meet For Coffee?

It just isn't safe for me to agree to this.
I screen everyone I meet online- whether I'm meeting someone for a first date or to going off to purchase an item on Craigslist. I avoid dangerous situations and individuals by having a great sense of exactly who I'm dealing with at all times. Whenever a service provider reports that she's been shorted, received counterfeit money, was assaulted or arrested nine times out of ten they simply had no idea who they were agreeing to meet. Anonymity is frequently a cloak for misbehavior. I will not agree to meet anyone, anywhere without basic screening.

Simply put: If you feel that you can't trust me with your name, I can't trust you with my body or location.

+ I have a Preferred411 / Private Delights / Eccie handle isn't that enough?

I've been in this this business a long time and I've seen a lot of things I wish I hadn't. When providers agree to meet people anonymously or relying only on third-party systems of verification bad things eventually happen and then there is little to no recourse. I will never agree to meet someone without a name and a real phone number. Message board operators aren't responsible for my physical safety or privacy - I am, me, myself, I alone with no one to cry to if I don't take care to find out who I am agreeing to spend my time with. But there are no shortage of providers risking their lives for a dollar so if this is an issue please move on.
In my experience, the only people preferring to operate under total cover of darkness are misbehaving or leaving the option to misbehave open.

+ You must meet a lot of weirdos, huh?

No, I really don't. See above.

+ Can I call you before we meet?

Absolutely, I prefer to have a brief conversation prior to the meeting. I'm a millennial and can set a meeting start to finish via email or SMS text...but I'm also an old soul who loves to twist a virtual kitchen phone curly cord between my fingers while listening to a sexy voice and thinking about what it will be like when I see you :-)

+ Why haven't you responded to my text messages

Think about how you're contacting me and whether you'd respond to yourself if you were a service provider. That will give you an answer.

+ Will you spend the night with me?

I love overnight sleepovers

+ Is Tipping Required?

Tips & gratuities above suggested gifts are greatly appreciated and make you a memorable V.I.P. but not required.

+ Do you have any reviews?

I have 176 positive to excellent reviews screenshotted and stored from Having operated with and without reviews I would say that my preference is for without. In this post-FOSTA world (Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act) aggression from outside forces has increased making privacy is so important for our mutual security. If you like my photos and you like my words you're going to love what I do, period. When you write graphic reviews on public message boards you're not helping anyone, you're compromising me. Please protect me. Keep our connection safe.

+ Have I seen you advertised under another name?

Yes lol, I've had a few. But I began as "Ally" and I've come full circle. At this stage I don't have time to play anyone on the internet but myself.

+ Do you offer BBBJ / COF / CIM / DATY etc.?

What I don't do is answer questions of a sensitive nature. I could choke you down and pull your soul clean out of your body without batting an eyelash so let's just leave it at that and plan an incredible experience, the first of many.

+ Do you own toys?

I love toys and I love trips to the toy shop, my favorite after dinner excursion.


+ Where do you currently reside?

My sensual adventure in Atlanta, Georgia. I moved to Boston in 2007 where I remained until 2017.
I reside in Jacksonville, Florida

Update May 2019 - I Am Currently Relocataing Back To New England!

+ Do you tour?

Yes; I maintain a calendar on this website and Preferred411 and I update my social media (Twitter, Instagram, SWitter) with tour locales and dates of availabilkity.

+ How Can I Keep Apprised of Your Travels?

Please join my mailing list for occasional newsletters with travel dates and happenings in my world! Also, I do maintain a calendar on this website and post updates to my Twitter account.

+ Do You Offer Incall Or Outcall?

Both - I am happy to host you or join you at your safe, private, upscale hotel or residence.

+ Where is your Incall Location? Hotel, Office Or Residence?

Locations vary. Whether we meet at a business-class hotel, swank boutique or a quiet residential incall apartment all locations are safe and conveniently located with parking options.

+ Can I see you early morning?

Absolutely! I'm a morning bird. To me the day is nearly gone by 11am. I love early meetings...please come slip in for breakfast in bed with me 6am to 9am. Contact me no later than 8pm the night prior to guarantee our time together.

I do need sleep and keep a regular personal morning schedule so if you'd like for me to alter my routine so we can meet between the hours of 12am-5am please schedule in advance.

+ Do you see Couples or Groups?

I do not see couples nor do I do parties or visit with groups. I am available for MMF or MFM duos with professional companions only.

+ Will you travel to me?

Fly-me-to-you is available - I have no pets, no plants, no children, no dependents and I'm ready to go at a moment's notice. Please see my Menu for rates and contact me directly for additional details.

+ Do you have a passport?