black magic

You didn’t know what you’d find when you were browsing today but a voluptuous wood nymph emerges to leave electric traces of touch across your skin and black cherry stains on your lips. Curiosity has led you steps closer to fantasies fulfilled, earthy pleasures under total cover of blackout privacy

crazy sexy cool

No matter how you like to unwind, release and recharge I am at your service. An accomplished companion and personal concierge, I am capable of providing whatever you desire.

My photos show you what I look like- all almond eyes, big smile, big curves, and big hair…but let me tell you quickly what I’m about-

I live for sensuality, adventure, and dreams- I’m not tethered to the reality or responsibilities you are

I’m open-minded without even a hint of judgment about your desires; my greatest strength lies in being a person with whom most feel they can simply be themselves.

I’m here to be your partner-in-crime, personal porn star, erotic therapist and friend…let me help you take a load off, you’re here because you need it ;)

Ally Wynn Boston





6/10 - 6/12

6/13 - 6/14*
*With the availability to extend to 6/15





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